CreateItem Operation

Last modified: March 16, 2009

Applies to: Exchange Server 2007 | Exchange Server 2010

The CreateItem operation creates items in the Exchange store.

Using the CreateItem Operation

You can use the CreateItem operation to create the following:

  • Calendar items

  • E-mail messages

  • Meeting requests

  • Tasks

  • Contacts

For more information, see CreateItem (Calendar Item), CreateItem (E-mail Message), CreateItem (Meeting Request), CreateItem (Task), and CreateItem (Contact).

The CreateItem operation supports the use of response objects. Response objects support the acceptance and rejection of meetings and the handling of voting buttons that are included in a standard e-mail message. The following table lists the response objects that are handled in the CreateItem operation.

Response object



Accept a meeting request.


Cancel a meeting. This differs from deleting all attendees because it deletes the meeting for the organizer also.


Decline a meeting request.


Send a meeting request to another person as a meeting request.


Remove a canceled meeting from the calendar.


Send a message that includes the body of the original meeting request to all attendees of the meeting.


Send a message that includes the body of the original meeting request to the sender of the meeting request.


Send a read receipt to the sender of the meeting request.


Tentatively accept a meeting request.

The CreateItem operation also supports additional meeting objects. The following table lists additional objects that the CreateItem operation supports.

Meeting object


Meeting Message

Represents a meeting message in the Exchange store. This is the base object for the other meeting objects.

Meeting Request

Represents a meeting request in the Exchange store.

Meeting Response

Represents a meeting response in the Exchange store.

Meeting Cancellation

Represents a meeting cancellation in the Exchange store.