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Office 365 for Enterprise Developers

Whether you want to incorporate the richness of Office 365 data into your app, or create a custom experience within Office 365 itself, or use custom reports to keep your Office 365 Enterprise environment running smoothly, you can use the developer features in Office 365 to achieve your goals.

Analyze and manage the health of your Office 365 Enterprise environment

Office 365 provides enterprise administrators a variety of developer features to keep their domains and subscriptions effective and well-tuned.

Reporting web service

You can use the Office 365 Reporting web service to integrate information about email and spam, antivirus activity, compliance status, and Lync Online conferences and sessions into your custom service reporting applications and web portals. If you have an enterprise subscription to Office 365, you can access the Reporting web service to build reporting dashboards, charts, and graphs to help your organization manage their subscription usage.

See Office 365 Reporting web service.

Service Communications API

Tenant administrators can use the Office 365 Service Communications API to retrieve real-time service health information and Message Center communications for one or more domains that they own or manage. This enables them to monitor service health, manage communications, and develop plans to respond to upcoming service maintenance. The information is scoped specifically to the domain or domains that the administrator has access to.

See Office 365 Service Communications API Overview. See the following for a new version of this API.

Office 365 Management APIs (preview)

Tenant administrators and application developers can use the Office 365 Management APIs, a single extensibility platform for all Office 365 customers’ and partners’ management tasks, including service communications, security, compliance, reporting, auditing, user management, and reseller management. Two of these REST APIs have been released:

  • The Office 365 Service Communications API (preview) is a new version of the current Service Communications API; new applications should be written using this version.

  • The Office 365 Management Activity API (preview) provides information about policy actions and events from Office 365 and Azure Active Directory activity logs, for use in security and compliance monitoring and reporting solutions.

See Office 365 Management APIs overview.

Create solutions for Office 365 users

Create apps that interact with data from Office 365, or extend the Office 365 UI with your own custom experiences.

Integrate Office 365 data into your own apps

You can create custom solutions that access and interact with all the richness of a user’s Office 365 data—including their mail, calendars, contacts, files, and folder—and you can build those solutions across all mobile, web, and desktop platforms.

See Office 365 API overview.

Create custom experiences within Office 365

You can also customize how your data and experiences are displayed within and interact with Office 365 to provide a seamless user experience.

  • Create a FileHandler add-in to control how SharePoint Online displays and interacts with your custom file types, including custom file type icons, file preview within the Office 365 UI, and opening the file type in a custom editor.

  • Add your app to the app launcher to give it visibility and make it accessible right from the Office 365 home page.

Create custom experience within Office clients and SharePoint

Create custom experiences within the Office clients, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and within SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online. See Office Add-ins and SharePoint Add-ins.