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PolylineTo Row (Geometry Section) [Visio 2003 SDK Documentation]

Contains x- and y-coordinates of the last point of a polyline and a polyline formula.

A PolylineTo row contains the following cells.

Cell Description


The x-coordinate of the ending vertex of a polyline.


The y-coordinate of the ending vertex of a polyline.


The polyline formula.


Lines represented as a Polyline row are equivalent to lines represented as a sequence of LineTo rows, but a Polyline row is more efficient. You can change a PolylineTo row to a LineTo row so you can easily see the shape geometry. To do this, right-click the PolylineTo row, and then click Expand Row on the shortcut menu.

To change a row type to a PolylineTo row, right-click the row, and then click Change Row Type on the shortcut menu.