Text Property [Excel 2003 VBA Language Reference]

Returns or sets the text for the specified object. Read-only String for the Range object, read/write String for all other objects.

For information about using the Text worksheet function in Visual Basic, see Using Worksheet Functions in Visual Basic .


For the Phonetic object, this property returns or sets its phonetic text. You cannot set this property to Null.


This example sets the text for the chart title of Chart1.

With Charts("Chart1")
    .HasTitle = True
    .ChartTitle.Text = "First Quarter Sales"
End With

This example sets the axis title text for the category axis in Chart1.

With Charts("Chart1").Axes(xlCategory)
    .HasTitle = True
    .AxisTitle.Text = "Month"
End With

This example illustrates the difference between the Text and Value properties of cells that contain formatted numbers.

Set c = Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("B14")
c.Value = 1198.3
c.NumberFormat = "$#,##0_);($#,##0)"
MsgBox c.Value
MsgBox c.Text

Applies to | AxisTitle Object | Characters Object | ChartTitle Object | DataLabel Object | DisplayUnitLabel Object | Phonetic Object | Phonetics Collection Object | Range Collection | TextEffectFormat Object