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OlCategoryShortcutKey Enumeration

Outlook Developer Reference

Identifies the shortcut key specified for the ShortcutKey property of the Category object.

Version Information
 Version Added:  Outlook 2007

Name Value Description
olCategoryShortcutKeyCtrlF10 10 CTRL+F10
olCategoryShortcutKeyCtrlF11 11 CTRL+F11
olCategoryShortcutKeyCtrlF12 12 CTRL+F12
olCategoryShortcutKeyCtrlF2 2 CTRL+F2
olCategoryShortcutKeyCtrlF3 3 CTRL+F3
olCategoryShortcutKeyCtrlF4 4 CTRL+F4
olCategoryShortcutKeyCtrlF5 5 CTRL+F5
olCategoryShortcutKeyCtrlF6 6 CTRL+F6
olCategoryShortcutKeyCtrlF7 7 CTRL+F7
olCategoryShortcutKeyCtrlF8 8 CTRL+F8
olCategoryShortcutKeyCtrlF9 9 CTRL+F9
olCategoryShortcutKeyNone 0 No shortcut key specified.