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How to: Refer to Cells and Ranges by Using A1 Notation

Excel Developer Reference

You can refer to a cell or range of cells in the A1 reference style by using the Range property. The following subroutine changes the format of cells A1:D5 to bold.

  Sub FormatRange()
    Workbooks("Book1").Sheets("Sheet1").Range("A1:D5") _
        .Font.Bold = True
End Sub

The following table illustrates some A1-style references using the Range property.

Reference Meaning
Range("A1") Cell A1
Range("A1:B5") Cells A1 through B5
Range("C5:D9,G9:H16") A multiple-area selection
Range("A:A") Column A
Range("1:1") Row 1
Range("A:C") Columns A through C
Range("1:5") Rows 1 through 5
Range("1:1,3:3,8:8") Rows 1, 3, and 8
Range("A:A,C:C,F:F") Columns A, C, and F