MicrosoftOfficeLiveBusinessContactManager Class

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This class contains the public methods to interact with Contact Manager data. The Contact Manager Web service can be found in the /webbcm/_vti_bin directory of your Office Live Small Business account. For example, if the URL for your account is, this Web service would be available here:

Inheritance Hierarchy


Namespace:  WebBCM
Assembly:  OfficeLive (in OfficeLive.dll)


<WebServiceBindingAttribute(Name := "Microsoft Office Live - Business Contact ManagerSoap",  _
    Namespace := "")> _
Public Class MicrosoftOfficeLiveBusinessContactManager _
    Inherits SoapHttpClientProtocol
Dim instance As MicrosoftOfficeLiveBusinessContactManager
[WebServiceBindingAttribute(Name = "Microsoft Office Live - Business Contact ManagerSoap", 
    Namespace = "")]
public class MicrosoftOfficeLiveBusinessContactManager : SoapHttpClientProtocol


For interactive examples for all methods for this class, download the Contact Manager Web service examples tool from the MSDN Code Gallery.

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