IMsoComponent::FContinueMessageLoop Method

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Indicates whether the message loop pushed by the component should continue.

BOOL FContinueMessageLoop(
   ULONG uReason,
   void *pvLoopData,
   MSG *pMsgPeeked


  • uReason [in]
    Specifies the reason the message loop is being pushed. For more information, see the Msoloop enumeration.

  • pvLoopData [in]
    The component's private data.

  • pMsgPeeked [in, optional]
    A pointer to the next message in the queue. This parameter is NULL if there are no more messages in the queue.

Return Value

TRUE to indicate that the message loop should continue; otherwise, FALSE.


This method is called after peeking the next message in the queue (by calling the PeekMessage function) but before the message is removed from the queue. The peeked message is passed in the pMsgPeeked parameter. This method may be called again when the next message has already been removed from the queue, in which case the pMsgPeeked parameter is NULL.

If this method returns FALSE, the component manager terminates the loop without removing from the queue the message specified by the pMsgPeeked parameter.

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