IMsoComponentManager::FGetActiveComponent Method

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Returns the current active or tracking component.

BOOL FGetActiveComponent(
   DWORD dwgac,
   IMsoComponent **ppic,
   MSOCRINFO *pcrinfo,
   DWORD dwReserved


  • dwgac [in]
    The component to retrieve. The possible values are specified in the following table.



    msogacActive = 0

    Retrieve the active component.

    msogacTracking = 1

    Retrieve the tracking component.

    msogacTrackingOrActive = 2

    Retrieve the tracking component if one exists; otherwise, retrieve the active component.

    msogacModal = 3

    Retrieve the last component to go modal, which may not be active.

  • ppic [out, optional]
    A pointer to the current active or tracking component. The reference count of this component is incremented before it is returned.

  • pcrinfo [out, optional]
    A pointer to a MSOCRINFO structure that specifies the active component’s registration information.

  • dwReserved [in]
    Reserved for future use. Should be 0.

Return Value

TRUE if the component indicated by the dwgac parameter exists; otherwise, FALSE.

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