StatusingDataSet.ResourcesDataTable.AddResourcesRow Method

Adds a ResourcesRow object to the ResourcesDataTable.

Namespace:  WebSvcStatusing
Assembly:  ProjectServerWebServices (in ProjectServerWebServices.dll)


Public Sub AddResourcesRow ( _
    row As StatusingDataSet.ResourcesRow _
Dim instance As StatusingDataSet.ResourcesDataTable
Dim row As StatusingDataSet.ResourcesRow

public void AddResourcesRow(
    StatusingDataSet.ResourcesRow row



The AddResourcesRow method signature is overloaded as follows:

  • Third-party developers should use the overload that has a single StatusingDataSet.ResourcesRow parameter, for example, AddResourcesRow(StatusingDataSet.ResourcesRow row).

  • The Object Explorer in Microsoft Visual Studio shows another overload which uses individual parameters for all fields in ResourcesRow. The overload is used internally.

    public ResourcesRow AddResourcesRow(
        System.Guid RES_DEF_ASSN_OWNER, 
        System.DateTime RES_AVAIL_FROM, 
        System.DateTime RES_AVAIL_TO, 
        double RES_STD_RATE, 
        double RES_OVT_RATE, 
        double RES_COST_PER_USE, 
        double RES_MAX_UNITS, 
        byte[] RES_RATES_TABLE, 
        byte[] RES_AVAILABILITY, 
        short RES_ACCRUE_AT, 
        string RES_NAME, 
        string WRES_EMAIL, 
        string RES_MATERIAL_LABEL, 
        short RES_TYPE, 
        bool RES_IS_TEAM, 
        byte RES_BOOKING_TYPE, 
        System.Guid RES_UID) 

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