CodeModule Object (VBA Add-In Object Model)

This page is specific to the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Language Reference for Office 2010.

Represents the code behind a component, such as a form, class, or document.


You use the CodeModule object to modify (add, delete, or edit) the code associated with a component.

Each component is associated with one CodeModule object. However, a CodeModule object can be associated with multiple code panes.

The methods associated with the CodeModule object enable you to manipulate and return information about the code text on a line-by-line basis. For example, you can use the AddFromString method to add text to the module. AddFromString places the text just above the first procedure in the module or places the text at the end of the module if there are no procedures.

Use the Parent property to return the VBComponent object associated with a code module.