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InfoPath Forms Services in SharePoint Server 2010

Applies to: SharePoint Server 2010

This section provides information about how to develop and deploy InfoPath form templates on a SharePoint Server running InfoPath Forms Services. Information about how to automate administrative tasks, the architecture of InfoPath Forms Services, and working with data connections on the server is also included. These subjects are divided into seven areas. In each area are additional topics for learning more about InfoPath Forms Services.

The three InfoPath Forms Services namespaces for use by developers, which are the Microsoft.Office.InfoPath.Server.Administration, Microsoft.Office.InfoPath.Server.Controls, and Microsoft.Office.InfoPath.Server.Controls.WebUI namespaces, provide classes to automate administrative tasks, host the InfoPath form editing environment in a custom Web page, and use the InfoPath Form Web Part to display an InfoPath form in a Web Part page.