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What's New: Alerts Enhancements

Applies to: SharePoint Foundation 2010

Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 expands the alerts framework to enable users to have alerts sent as Short Message Service (SMS) messages to their mobile devices.

Extensible Mobile Messaging Framework

SharePoint Foundation 2010 takes advantage of the new mobile messaging framework to enhance its Alerts feature. To support the new option, the SPAlert class now has a property that indicates whether the alert is delivered as e-mail or as an SMS message. The SharePoint Foundation Web application is given its own account, which can be programmatically changed, with a mobile messaging service provider.

The mobile messaging framework is itself extensible, so you can create your SharePoint Foundation solutions that incorporate SMS messages that are sent to mobile telephones. You can create a completely customized alert system if you want. If your messaging solution uses the Office Mobile Service (OMS) protocol, most of your development work has already been done for you. A rich set of classes has been added to the object model to represent the Web Methods and response types of the protocol. If your solution requires a different protocol, base classes have been provided with default implementations of essential properties and methods.

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