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Getting Started with Development for SharePoint Foundation 2010

Applies to: SharePoint Foundation 2010

Topics in this section of the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Software Development Kit (SDK) provide helpful conceptual and practical information for both new and veteran SharePoint Foundation programmers.

In This Section

Conceptual Overview of SharePoint Foundation and its child topics explain Microsoft SharePoint Foundation as an application from a developer perspective. Included are detailed discussions of the hierarchy of components that form SharePoint Foundation and how those components are modeled by SharePoint Foundation types. In addition, in this section you can find discussions of how SharePoint Foundation is built on, but modifies, Microsoft ASP.NET, and how development on the SharePoint Foundation platform differs from development for ASP.NET.

Deciding Which SharePoint 2010 API to Use explains when to use the three different kinds of APIs (server-side object model, managed client object model, and web services) that SharePoint 2010 provides.

Glide Path for ASP.NET Developers and its child topics provide information specifically targeted at Microsoft ASP.NET developers who are transitioning from ASP.NET development to development on the SharePoint Foundation platform.

SharePoint Foundation Development Tools and its child topics provide detailed information to help you be a more productive SharePoint Foundation developer. This section includes explanations of key tools that you can use and how to customize them for SharePoint Foundation development and many small, but valuable productivity tips.

Essential SharePoint Programming Tasks and its child topics explain how to perform certain programming tasks that apply to almost any form of Microsoft SharePoint Foundation development, including Web Part development, client-side development, mobile development, branding, administrative solutions, Workflows, and other programs.

Best Practices with SharePoint Foundation and its child nodes provide information about the latest best practices and provide guidance that can help you create efficient custom applications in Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 and help avoid common development problems.

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