Microsoft.SharePoint.UserCode Namespace

Provides types and members for working with sandboxed solutions.


  Class Description
Public class SPBlockedSolution Represents a sandboxed solution that has been blocked.
Public class SPBlockedSolutionCollection A collection of blocked sandboxed solutions.
Public class SPDefaultSolutionValidator The solution validator provided by Microsoft SharePoint Foundation.
Public class SPProxyOperation Represents an abstract class that is used to execute operations that are prevented in the shim, in the proxy process of the UserCode service. A subclass of this class can be passed to the ExecuteProxyOperation(String, String, SPProxyOperationArgs) method.
Public class SPProxyOperationArgs An abstract class that represents the parameter passed to the Execute method of the SPProxyOperation class.
Public class SPProxyOperationType Represents the proxy operation type.
Public class SPSolutionFile Represents a file in a user solution package.
Public class SPSolutionValidationProperties Provides the properties of a solution package to the solution validators for validation and retrieves the validation result from the solution validators.
Public class SPSolutionValidator An abstract base class that represents a solution validator.
Public class SPSolutionValidatorCollection Solution validator collection class.
Public class SPUserCodeExecutionContext A serializable object containing the common basic data of user code execution contexts.
Public class SPUserCodeExecutionManager Allows the front-end Web server to access and communicate with the user code service in the server farm.
Public class SPUserCodeExecutionPipelineFailedException Represents the error condition where the user code execute pipeline has failed.
Public class SPUserCodeExecutionPipelineTerminallyFailedException Represents the error condition where the user code execute pipeline has failed in an unrecoverable way.
Public class SPUserCodeNoAvailableServersFoundException Represents the error condition where no servers running the user code execution host service could be found in the service map.
Public class SPUserCodeSolutionExecutionFailedException Represents the error condition where there was a failure when executing the user code solution.
Public class SPUserCodeSolutionProxiedException Substitutes for the real exception type when an exception needs to be marshaled between the worker process and the caller.
Public class SPUserCodeValidationFailedException Represents the failure of a sandboxed solution to validate.
Public class SPUserCodeWorkflowContext Provides detailed information about a specific workflow instance in a sandboxed solution.