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What's New in Excel Web Services

Applies to: SharePoint Server 2010

This topic lists the new types and members added to Excel Web Services.

Excel Web Services Enhancements

Excel Web Services is expanded and enhanced in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. In SharePoint Server 2010, you can edit and save a workbook programmatically. In addition, the Excel Web Services now supports opening workbooks in edit sessions in SharePoint Server 2010. In this scenario, you can use code to edit a workbook at the same time that other users are co-authoring the workbook.

For more information about the Excel Web Services API and more detailed remarks about the new methods, enumerations, and types, see Microsoft.Office.Excel.Server.WebServices.

New Methods

The following are new methods added to Excel Web Services, in alphabetical order:

  • GetChartImageUrl  Gets a URL value to the chart or PivotChart image file in a workbook.

  • GetPublishedItemNames  Gets a list of published items in a workbook.

  • GetSheetNames  Gets a list of all of the sheet names present in a workbook.

  • OpenWorkbookForEditing  Opens a workbook for editing.

  • SaveWorkbook  Saves a workbook in the original format (.xlsx, .xlsb, .xlsm).

  • SaveWorkbookCopy  Saves a workbook by using a different file name and/or saves a workbook to a different SharePoint document library.

  • SetCalculationOptions  Changes the calculation mode setting for workbooks.

  • SetParameters  Sets multiple published parameters with a single Web Service call.

In addition:

  • You can now set formulas by using the set value methods.

  • Dynamic ranges are supported in Excel Web Services in SharePoint Server 2010.

New Enumerations

The following are new enumerations added to Excel Web Services, in alphabetical order:

  • ItemType  Indicates the types of the returned items.

  • SheetType  Indicates the types of the returned sheets.

  • SheetVisibility  Indicates whether the returned sheets are visible.

  • SaveOptions  Specifies whether to overwrite an existing, unlocked file.

  • WorkbookCalculation  Defines the calculation mode setting for a workbook.

New Types

The following are new types added to Excel Web Services, in alphabetical order:

  • ParameterInfo  Gets or sets the name and values of a parameter.

  • SheetInfo  Contains information about a sheet in a workbook.

  • Size  Defines the width and height of the chart image

  • WorkbookItem  Represents named items in the workbook.

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