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FAST Query Language (FQL) Syntax Reference

Applies to: SharePoint Server 2010

You can use the FAST Query Language (FQL) to perform exact searches and to narrow the scope of your search to values that belong to a specific managed property or to a full-text index. For information about supported query languages, see Supported Query Languages.

A query language expression can contain nested subexpressions that include query terms, property specifications, and operators, as follows:

  • Token expressions  One or more query terms, phrases, or numeric values to search for in a query.

  • Property specification  A property or full-text index to match with the affected expression.

  • Operators  Keywords that specify Boolean operations (such as AND, OR) or other constraints to operands (such as FILTER OR RANK)

The following FQL query example searches for the terms "hello" and "world" in the body managed property of an indexed item:

body:string("hello world", mode="and")

In the example:

  • body: limits the scope of the query to the body managed property within the item.

  • "hello world" is the operand to the STRING operator, which indicates the terms to search for.

  • mode="and" indicates that the logical query operator AND will be applied to "hello world".

The length of FAST Query Language queries is limited to 2,048 characters.

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