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Cltreq Method

Applies to: SharePoint Foundation 2010

Performs all Web discussion operations such as adding, editing, or deleting a discussion associated with a Web page or with a document stored in a document library.





ID = "Text"

Application-specific string. In an HTML editor compatible with Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010, such as Microsoft SharePoint Designer, the string provides the sequence number and name of the method.

Scope = "Request"

When set to Request, the Scope attribute sets the variable for the scope of the enclosing Method element, unless the variable is changed by another tag.

Name = "Cmd"

Must be set to Cltreq.

Name = "UL"

Specifies a browser more recent than version 3 and can be any valid number.

Name = "STRMVER"

Specifies the version number of the binary data returned to the client. The client and server versions must be identical. For the current version of Microsoft Office, this value is 4.

Name = "ACT"

Specifies the operation to perform. The following table describes values that can be specified.

  • 0   Return all Web discussion threads with the given URL.

  • 1   Add the Web discussion.

  • 2   Edit the Web discussion.

  • 3   Delete the Web discussion.

  • 4   Check whether Web discussions are enabled.

  • 5   Subscribe to the changes in the Web discussion for the document at the specified URL.

  • 6   Close the Web discussion.

  • 7   Close the Web discussion and its replies.

  • 8   Activate the Web discussion.

Name = "URL"

Specifies the URL of the document with which the Web discussion is associated.


The Cltreq method returns the server build number in the response header.