Workflow Type

Applies to: SharePoint Foundation 2010

A workflow is a package of functionality used to enable a process that can be applied to documents and list items. As an independent entity, a workflow can be associated with any number of containers (lists) or content types.

A workflow must implement the following components:

  • Workflow schedule

  • Feature.xml file

  • Workflow metadata

  • The following components are optional:

  • Workflow-specific views

  • Workflow-specific columns

  • Workflow-specific forms (parameterization template)

  • Workflow implementation assembly

Possible scopes:

  • Farm: No

  • Web Application: No

  • Site Collection: Yes

  • Web Site: No

Deactivating Workflows

When a workflow is deactivated, no new workflows of that type can be initiated. Existing instances of the workflow are allowed to complete.

For information about workflows and how they function within Microsoft SharePoint Foundation, see Workflows in SharePoint Foundation.