MtgKeep Method

Applies to: SharePoint Foundation 2010

Clears the orphaned state of a meeting occurrence that is no longer scheduled according to the application in whose calendar the occurrence was created.

<Method ID="Text">
  <SetList Scope="Request">GUID</SetList>
  <SetVar Name="Cmd">MtgKeep</SetVar>
  <SetVar Name="EditInstanceID">Integer</SetVar>




ID = "Text"

Application-specific string. In an HTML editor compatible with Microsoft SharePoint Foundation, such as Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007, the string provides the sequence number and name of the method.

Scope = "Request"

When set to Request, the Scope attribute sets the variable for the scope of the enclosing Method element, unless the variable is changed by another tag.

Name = "Cmd"

Must be set to MtgKeep.

Name = "EditInstanceID"

An integer that specifies the instance ID of a single-occurrence meeting that is orphaned, or of an individual occurrence within a recurring meeting that is orphaned. Each occurrence within a Meeting Series list has a unique instance ID by which items in the list are identified.


<Method ID="0,MtgKeep">
  <SetList Scope="Request">93C88C70-0409-4367-A83B-
  <SetVar Name="Cmd">MtgKeep</SetVar>
  <SetVar Name="EditInstanceID">75</SetVar>


The list GUID that is specified in the post pertains to the Meeting Series list containing the occurrence.