InitiationType Element (Workflow)

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Specifies which events are enabled, at workflow association, to initiate the workflow.






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Parent Elements

MetaData Element (Workflow)


Minimum: 0

Maximum: 1


The InitiationType element takes any of the following values:

  • Manual   Users can manually initiate the workflow.

  • OnNewItem   The workflow is initiated automatically when a user creates a new item.

  • OnItemUpdate   The workflow is initiated automatically when a user updates an item, including updating item metadata.

  • **OnMajorCheckin   **The workflow initiates when the user attempts to approve publishing a major version of an item.

Specify the initiation types as a character-delimited string, using ";#" as the delimiting characters.

If you do not specify an InitiationType element, Windows SharePoint Services treats the workflow as if the Manual, OnNewItem, and OnItemUpdate values have been specified.


The following example specifies that the workflow can be initiated manually, and is initiated automatically when a user creates an item, updates an item, or checks in a major version of an item.


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