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How to Use CAML

What can you do with CAML?

CAML allows you the ultimate flexibility and extensibility with your Web sites based on SharePoint Team Services from Microsoft. If you want to make a universal change to all the sites that you are creating within your company — for instance, you want to change the logo to match your own company logo, or you want to add an Employee ID field to your document libraries — you must use CAML to do it.

Since CAML is located within several of the folders installed with SharePoint Team Services, you might want to review the Location of CAML topic as you read through these examples.

Each example is designed to show you creative ways to implement changes by using CAML. As you walk through them, you will gain a better understanding of how CAML is used throughout your sites.

The following examples have been provided for you:


Caution   Changes to files in the web server extensions \...\Templates folder can break functionality in SharePoint Team Services. It is recommended that you make any changes on a test server first and then copy the final files to a production server.

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