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OISClientLauncher Control

When you install Microsoft® Windows® SharePoint™ Services on a client computer, an ActiveX control is registered automatically. The ID of the control is "OISCTRL.OISClientLauncher" and it does not have any properties or methods. It is only used to pass on parameters to OIS.exe, the Microsoft Office Picture Manager executable file.

The following Microsoft Visual Basic® Scripting Edition code shows the typical usage of this control.

Set OISClientLauncher = CreateObject("OISCTRL.OISClientLauncher")
fClientInstalled = IsObject(OISClientLauncher)
if (fClientInstalled = True) Then

In this example, cmdLine is a string. The control will verify that cmdLine is well-formed and safe before it passes it on to OIS. OIS will perform its own check on cmdLine. What follows is a description of the syntax of the OIS command. The call returns nothing.

OIS Command Line Parameters

There are four modes for calling OIS.EXE from the command line. The modes take the following parameters:

  • upload folder_url (string)

    Allows a set of images to be uploaded to a folder in the picture library. The folder_url parameter is the path to the folder in the picture library that you want to upload the images to.

  • editSP lib_url (string) id1 (int) id2 (int) …id(n) (int)

    Allows a set of selected pictures from the picture library to be edited. The lib_url parameter specifies the path to the picture library you are editing and each id parameter is an integer that corresponds to an image in the picture library that you want to edit.

  • download lib_url (string) id1;id2;…;id(n) (string) jpg (string) 1024x768 (string)

    Allows the selected pictures to be downloaded in a specified size and format. lib_url is the path to the picture library you are downloading from; id1;id2… are the pictures you are downloading; jpg is a string that determines the format that you want to convert the images to when downloading; 1024 x 768 is a string that is either a number between 1-100, which is interpreted to be the percentage of the size of the image, or is some x-by-y value determining the size of the image you want to download.

  • sendto lib_url (string) id1;id2;…;id(n) (string)

    Sends a set of pictures from a picture library to some other application. lib_url is the path to the picture library the pictures are being sent from; id1;id2… are the pictures that you are sending.