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Install an SSL Certificate on a Client Access Server


Applies to: Exchange Server 2010 SP3, Exchange Server 2010 SP2

You can use the Shell to install a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate on a Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Client Access server.

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You've previously requested a certificate from a certification authority by using the New-ExchangeCertificate cmdlet and then transmitted that request to a certification authority. The certification authority has returned a certificate file.

Use the Shell to install an SSL certificate on a Client Access server

You need to be assigned permissions before you can perform this procedure. To see what permissions you need, see the "Client Access Server Security settings" entry in the Client Access Permissions topic.

This example imports an existing certificate and private key from the PKCS #12 file ExportedCert.pfx.

Import-ExchangeCertificate -FileData ([Byte[]]$(Get-Content -Path c:\certificates\ExportedCert.pfx -Encoding byte -ReadCount 0)) -Password:(Get-Credential).password

For more information about syntax and parameters, see Import-ExchangeCertificate.

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