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Enabling QoS in Lync Server 2013 for devices that are not based on Windows


Topic Last Modified: 2012-11-01

When you install Microsoft Lync Server 2013, Quality of Service (QoS) will not be enabled for any devices used in your organization that use an operating system other than Windows. You can verify this by running the following command from within the Lync Server 2013 Management Shell:


Assuming you have not made any changes to your media configuration settings you should get back information similar to this:

Identity                          : Global
EnableQoS                         : False
EncryptionLevel                   : RequireEncryption
EnableSiren                       : False
MaxVideoRateAllowed               : VGA600K
EnableG722StereoCodec             : True
EnableH264Codec                   : True
EnableAdaptiveBandwidthEstimation : True

If the EnableQoS property is set to False (as in the preceding output) that means that Quality of Service is not enabled for computers and devices that use an operating system other than Windows. QoS is enabled by default for Lync Phone Edition devices; however, it is possible to disable Quality of Service for Lync Phone Edition.

To enable Quality of Service at the global scope, run the following command from within the Lync Server Management Shell:

Set-CsMediaConfiguration -EnableQoS $True

The preceding command enables QoS at the global scope; however, it's important to note that media configuration settings can also be applied to the site scope. If you need to enable Quality of Service for a site you must include the Identity of the configuration settings when calling Set-CsMediaConfiguration. For example, this command enables QoS for the Redmond site:

Set-CsMediaConfiguration -Identity site:Redmond -EnableQoS $True


Do you need to enable QoS at the site scope? That depends. Settings assigned to the site scope take precedence over settings assigned to the global scope. Suppose you have QoS enabled at the global scope but disabled at the site scope (for the Redmond site.) In that case, Quality of Service will be disabled for the Redmond site; that's because the site settings take precedence. To enable QoS for the Redmond site you will have to do so using the media configuration settings applied to that site.

If you want to simultaneously enable QoS for all your media configuration settings (regardless of scope) then run this command from within the Lync Server Management Shell:

Get-CsMediaConfiguration | Set-CsMediaConfiguration -EnableQoS $True

You can disable QoS for devices that use an operating system other than Windows by setting the value of the EnableQoS property to False. For example:

Set-CsMediaConfiguration -Identity site:Redmond -EnableQoS $False

This gives you the ability to implement QoS on some portions of your network (for example, on the Redmond site) while leaving Quality of Service disabled on other portions of your network.

QoS can only be enabled and disabled by using Windows PowerShell These options are not available in the Lync Server Control Panel.