Scenario: Core network - KMS activation of Office 2010


Applies to: Office 2010

Topic Last Modified: 2011-05-07

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The activation method recommended for this scenario is Key Management Services (KMS). This volume activation scenario is more detailed than the examples in Plan KMS activation of Office 2010, Plan MAK proxy activation of Office 2010, and Plan MAK independent activation of Office 2010.


This information applies to volume-licensed editions of Office 2010. It does not apply to Office Professional Plus for Office 365, which is licensed through subscription.

Core network that has 50 or more computers

If your organization has 50 or more computers that regularly connect to the core network, we recommend that you use KMS to activate Microsoft Office 2010. For more information, see Plan KMS activation of Office 2010. Instead of having to activate each computer individually by connecting directly to Microsoft, you can activate all the computers (known as KMS clients) at the same time through a KMS host server on your main corporate network.

Although a single KMS host can activate thousands of KMS clients, you can physically configure up to six KMS hosts depending on the size and complexity of the network. However, for maximum ease and efficiency, we recommend the configuration guidelines shown in the following table.

Core network setup Number of KMS hosts (see Considerations)

Medium (50-99 computers)


Medium (100 - 249 computers)

1 or 2

Enterprise (250 or more computers)

2 or more

For information about the KMS activation method, see Plan KMS activation of Office 2010.


When you use KMS activation of Office 2010 in the core network, consider the following factors:

  • The number of KMS hosts should be kept to a minimum. One KMS host key can activate up to six KMS hosts, and each KMS host can activate many KMS clients.

  • A KMS host can be activated by telephone or through the Internet.

  • Each KMS host operates independently from other KMS hosts.

  • Each KMS host must ensure that more than five KMS clients request activation in a 30-day period to maintain the KMS client activation threshold.