Creating file shares

Updated: 2009-04-09

Microsoft Office PerformancePoint ServerĀ 2007 uses a network file share for templates and data files that are created by and for Planning Server users.

This shared folder name should match the application name for each application, and each application should have its own share. If a shared folder is created, it must be in a Universal Naming Convention (UNC) location available to users. In addition, the Planning Server service identity (SI) account and all users of PerformancePoint Add-in for Excel must have access to the location. Permissions must include read, write, and modify.

These are the recommended subfolders for each file share location:

  • Form templates

  • Report storage

  • Assignment forms

  • Assignment master forms


    Files used by Planning Server clients and servers are sometimes stored outside of a database. These files are subject to the security of the locations where they are placed. These locations should be secured using both user- and group-level security, as well as file-level encryption. Access permissions should also be enforced on the subfolders.

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