Installing and configuring required Planning Server software

Planning Server Setup happens in two stages: software installation, and then software configuration.

First, you install Planning Server software on the computer by running PPLSrv.msi. After the software is installed, you must configure the server components by running Planning Server Configuration Manager is run. You can think of this configuration step as turning on or turning off the components on the local computer.

The following two configuration options are available in Planning Server Configuration Manager:

  • Stand alone configuration   Selects all the Planning Server components that meet the prerequisites to be configured on one computer — including the Planning Server databases. Microsoft SQL Server must be installed on the local computer to run standalone configuration.

  • Distributed configuration   Enables you to install Planning Server components on various computers. For more information, see Install Planning Server in a distributed environment.

Planning Server Configuration Manager automatically runs after the initial server installation. Through Planning Server Configuration Manager, you select the components that you want to configure on the local computer, such as the Web sites, or the Planning System Database.

Planning Server Configuration Manager can be run multiple times to reconfigure the PerformancePoint Planning components on the local computer as necessary. For example, you may configure the Planning Web Service and later return to configure the Planning Administration Console .

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