WebSvcQueueSystem namespace

The QueueSystem class is the primary class in the WebSvcQueueSystem namespace. The QueueSystem class includes methods that manage jobs submitted to the Project Server Queuing Service.


In the ASMX web service, QueueSystem is a class. In the WCF service, QueueSystem is an interface that is implemented in the QueueSystemClient class. For information about using the QueueSystemClient class in a WCF-based application, see the QueueSystem class constructor.

The WebSvcQueueSystem namespace is an arbitrary name for a reference to the QueueSystem.asmx web service (or the QueueSystem.svc service) of the Project Server Interface (PSI). Methods in the QueueSystem class can get job count, job and job group wait time, and status of all jobs, specified jobs, and jobs owned by the caller, or jobs for specified projects. Methods can cancel or retry a queue job, manage job correlation, and configure the queue.

QueueSystem methods typically use or return a QueueStatusDataSet or QueueStatusRequestDataSet object.


  Class Description
Public class QueueStatusDataSet Contains the results of a queue status request.
Public class QueueStatusDataSet.StatusDataTable Contains queue job status values for specific QueueStatusDataSet.StatusRow objects.
Public class QueueStatusDataSet.StatusRow Represents the status of one queue job in the QueueStatusDataSet object.
Public class QueueStatusDataSet.StatusRowChangeEvent Event that occurs when data in a StatusRow is changed.
Public class QueueStatusRequestDataSet Specifies the DataSet for the qsrDS parameter in the ReadJobStatus method.
Public class QueueStatusRequestDataSet.StatusRequestDataTable Contains status request values for specific QueueStatusRequestDataSet.StatusRequestRow objects.
Public class QueueStatusRequestDataSet.StatusRequestRow Represents a specific status request in the the QueueStatusRequestDataSet object.
Public class QueueStatusRequestDataSet.StatusRequestRowChangeEvent Event that occurs when data in a StatusRequestRow is changed.
Public class QueueSystem Includes methods for querying and managing the Queueing Service in Project Server.


  Delegate Description
Public delegate QueueStatusDataSet.StatusRowChangeEventHandler Describes event handler settings for when the specified data is edited.
Public delegate QueueStatusRequestDataSet.StatusRequestRowChangeEventHandler Describes event handler settings for when the specified data is edited.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration JobState Specifies the status of a queue job.
Public enumeration QueueID Specifies the queue ID type.
Public enumeration QueueMsgType Specifies a queue system message type.
Public enumeration SortColumn Specifies the column by which to sort the WebSvcQueueSystem.QueueStatusDataSet.StatusDataTable object.
Public enumeration SortOrder Specifies how to sort queue items.