Demand Management in Project Server 2010 (white paper)


Applies to: Project Server 2010

Topic Last Modified: 2011-08-05

This white paper is written from an end user's perspective to discuss the Demand Management capability in Microsoft Project Server 2010. Demand Management is also known as Project Lifecycle Management (PLM). Demand Management represents a deliberate attempt to reconcile and combine multiple lifecycle management tasks within a single, unified approach. The specifications, assumptions, delivery, and costs dictate the project demand curves. The project demand curves will take a variety of shapes depending on the traceability path of related projects within any given portfolio.

The intended audience of this white paper is Department Managers, Division Directors, Program/Portfolio Directors and all who are responsible for overseeing multiple initiatives that involve diverse stakeholders and are tied to cost or corporate measurements. It is for Project Management Offices (PMOs), Project Managers (PMs), Product Managers and Domain Experts, Auditors, Line Managers, Project Sponsors, and Functional Managers who would like to do the following:

  1. Build, prioritize, and complete new projects for their business

  2. Align project selection with business objectives

  3. Operate with existing resources and use them effectively, efficiently, and in a secure environment

  4. Ensure timely completion for projects by passing them through stringent phase-wise approvals

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