Osearchdiacriticsensitive: Stsadm operation (Office SharePoint Server)

Applies To: Office SharePoint Server 2007

This Office product will reach end of support on October 10, 2017. To stay supported, you will need to upgrade. For more information, see , Resources to help you upgrade your Office 2007 servers and clients.


Topic Last Modified: 2015-03-09

Operation name: Osearchdiacriticsensitive


Enables or disables the diacritic sensitivity setting.

Diacritic sensitive means that the search service will consider characters that have diacritic marks (accents in some languages) when it determines whether two words are different. When diacritic sensitivity is enabled, the search results will contain only documents that have the search terms, where the diacritic marks match. When diacritic sensitivity is disabled, results will be returned for documents that contain the search terms where the diacritic marks might or might not be present. Not all global markets have the same preference for diacritic sensitivity.


stsadm -o osearchdiacriticsensitive

**   -ssp <SSP name>**










A valid SSP name, such as "SharedServices1"


Name of the Shared Services Provider (SSP) that is being set.


Any one of the following values:

  • True

  • False (Default)


A value of True enables the parameter; a value of False disables the parameter.




Use this parameter if you want to set the diacritic sensitivity setting but do not want to reset and recrawl all the content at this time. For any changes to the diacritic sensitivity setting to take affect, you must reset and recrawl all content.




For this parameter to take effect, you must reset the crawled content and then recrawl. This parameter resets the crawled content without an interactive confirmation.


The osearchdiacriticsensitive operation does not move indexes. Rather, it changes whether the index for a given SSP should be built in a way that is either sensitive or not sensitive to diacritic marks on characters. In order for this operation to be visible in search results, the index must be rebuilt. Otherwise, the queries will reflect the old index that was written before the diacritic sensitivity change was made.

By default, the osearchdiacriticsensitive operation will reset the index. If you would prefer to have the diacritic sensitivity update occur when the index is reset by standard means, you can specify the noreset parameter.