Batch Site Manager (Windows SharePoint Services)

Applies To: Windows SharePoint Services 3.0


Topic Last Modified: 2008-05-05

Batch Site Manager overview

After the SharePoint Administration Toolkit is installed, a new section called Batch Site Manager is added to the Application Management page of Central Administration. Batch Site Manager is a feature that is designed to be used by SharePoint farm administrators to manage and administrate bulk operations that involve moving, locking or deleting one or more site collections within a single Web application. To access the Move, Lock, and Delete Multiple Site Collections page, click the Move, Lock, and Delete Site Collections link located on the Application Management page of Central Administration. The site collections listed on the subsequent page are driven by a timer job that combines a list of site collections. You either schedule for the timer job to run at a specified time or run immediately. Updated results will not be displayed until you run the aggregate timer job.


This page will not display any site collections when viewed for the first time. To view site collections on the Move, Lock, and Delete Multiple Site Collections page, you will need to start the statistics aggregation timer job, which is indicated by the Click here link in the following text:
“Use this page to select site collections to move from one content database to another, delete, or lock/unlock. Note: this data is not real-time, its age depends on how statistics gathering is configured. Click here to start a statistics aggregation job now.
Statistics last updated: 3/27/2008 2:51:46 PM
Statistics aggregation job status: Not running”


The text at the beginning of this page lists the last time a timer job was run, the current job status, and the ability to initiate a timer job immediately.


The Move, Lock, and Delete Multiple Site Collections page only supports single paging of site collections at one time. A single page displays 100 site collections. The selection of several site collections across multiple pages is not supported. For example, if you have 500 site collections that need to be deleted, after you move from the “0-100” page to “101-200” page, your previous selections do not persist. Only the site collections on the current page will be processed.


When using Batch Site Manager to set move, lock, or delete timer jobs, consider scheduling such jobs during off-peak business hours, as farm performance may be impacted. Also, limit the number of administrative procedures you perform when a Batch Site Manager timer job is running.

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