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Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Taxonomy namespace

Includes classes that provide the basic functionality for metadata management. Examples include types for managing terms, term sets, groups, keywords, term stores, and metadata service applications.


  Class Description
Public class ChangedGroup Represents a change that happened to a Group object.
Public class ChangedItem Represents one change to the TermStore object.
Public class ChangedItemCollection A collection of ChangedItem objects.
Public class ChangedSite Represents an event that occurred that changes something in the hidden list.
Public class ChangedTerm Represents a change that happened to a Group object.
Public class ChangedTermSet Indicates a change that happened to a TermSet object.
Public class ChangedTermStore Indicates a change that happened to a TermStore object.
Public class ChangeInformation
Public class CustomPropertyMatchInformation
Public class Label Represents the name of a Term object in a specific language.
Public class LabelCollection Represents a collection of Label objects.
Public class LabelMatchInformation
Public class MobileTaxonomyField Provides support for taxonomy fields on a mobile page.
Public class TaxonomyField Represents a taxonomy field.
Public class TaxonomyFieldValue Represents a single value held in a TaxonomyField object.
Public class TaxonomyFieldValueCollection Represents the multi-value object for the taxonomy column.
Public class TaxonomyItem The TaxonomyItem class is a base class that represents an item in the term store.
Public class TaxonomySession Wraps all of the associated TermStore objects for an Site object.
Public class Term Represents a Term or a Keyword in a managed metadata hierarchy.
Public class TermCollection Represents collection of Term objects.
Public class TermGroup Represents the top-level container in a TermStore object.
Public class TermGroupCollection A collection of TermGroup objects.
Public class TermSet Represents a hierarchical or flat set of Term objects known as a "TermSet".
Public class TermSetCollection Represents a collection of TermSet objects.
Public class TermSetItem Provides an abstraction of the TaxonomyItem object that is a parent of Term objects.
Public class TermSetItemPropertyNames
Public class TermStore Represents a store that contains metadata within child Group objects, TermSet objects, and Term objects.
Public class TermStoreCollection Represents a collection of TermStore objects.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration ChangedItemType Represents the type of changed object.
Public enumeration ChangedOperationType Indicates the type of operation that caused a change.
Public enumeration StringMatchOption Indicates what type of string matching should be performed when comparing strings.