Performance and capacity technical case studies (SharePoint Server 2010)


Applies to: SharePoint Server 2010

This section contains technical case studies that describe specific deployments of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. Compare the scenarios in these documents to your planned workload and usage characteristics. If your planned design is similar, you can use the documented deployment as a starting point for your own installation.

These articles include information about environments, such as:

  • Environment specifications, such as hardware, farm topology, and configuration

  • The workload used for data generation, including the number and class of users, and farm usage characteristics

  • Farm dataset, including database contents, Search indexes, and external data sources

  • Health and performance data specific to the environment

  • Performance data and recommendations for how to determine the hardware, topology, and configuration you need to deploy a similar environment, and how to optimize your environment for appropriate capacity and performance characteristics

Before reading these articles, it is important that you understand the key concepts behind capacity management in SharePoint Server 2010. For more information, see Capacity management and sizing for SharePoint Server 2010.

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