Excel Services reports are displayed with extra scrollbars in a PerformancePoint dashboard


Applies to: SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise

Issue:   Extra scroll bars are displayed for an Excel Services report that is displayed in a PerformancePoint Web Part.

Summary:   When you add an Excel Services report to a PerformancePoint dashboard, the Excel Services report might display additional scroll bars in the deployed dashboard. This does not occur when you display an Excel Services report in a Web Part that is not a PerformancePoint Web Part. However, if you want to connect PerformancePoint dashboard filters to the Excel Services report, you should create the Excel Services report Web Part by using Dashboard Designer.

Resolution:   To avoid having additional scroll bars display for the Excel Services report, you must specify auto-size settings for that item in Dashboard Designer. You do this in Dashboard Designer, immediately after you add the Excel Services report to the dashboard page.

To specify auto-size settings for an Excel Services report

  1. As soon as you have added the Excel Services report to a dashboard page, on the Edit tab, click Edit Item to open the Item Settings dialog box.

  2. On the Size tab, select both the Auto-size width and Auto-size height options, and then click OK.

  3. Finish adding dashboard items to the dashboard.

  4. In the Workspace Browser, right-click the dashboard, and then click Save.

  5. Republish the dashboard.

For more information about how to add items to a dashboard page, see Add dashboard items to a page by using Dashboard Designer.

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