SocialCommentWebPart members

Web Part that enables users to leave short, publicly viewable notes about the current page.

The SocialCommentWebPart type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method SocialCommentWebPart Initializes a new instance of the SocialCommentWebPart class.



  Name Description
Public property WebPartPropertyAllowNewComment Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the Web Part renders the new comment area for the user to post a new comment.
Public property WebPartPropertyDisplayItems Gets or sets the number of social comments displayed in the SocialCommentWebPart.
Public property WebPartPropertySpecifiedAddress Gets or sets the URL for which to display SocialComment objects.



  Name Description
Protected method CreateChildControls Creates the child controls for the SocialCommentWebPart. (Overrides WebPartLocCreateChildControls().)
Public method GetDesignTimeHtml Returns an HTML markup string to represent the SocialCommentWebPart at design time.
Protected method RenderWebPart Renders the HTML for the body of the SocialCommentWebPart to the client. (Overrides WebPartLocRenderWebPart(HtmlTextWriter).)
Protected method RequiresWebPartClientScript Returns a value that indicates whether the SocialCommentWebPart does not require client-side JavaScript to register with the Web Part Page Service Component (WPSC) framework. (Overrides WebPart.RequiresWebPartClientScript().)


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