Microsoft.Office.TranslationServices namespace


  Class Description
Public class ItemLimitExceededException Represents an exception that is thrown when trying to start a job, which causes the item limit for the caller to be exceeded.
Public class LoadBalancer Defines a load balancer for worker applications.
Public class QueueDatabase Creates a queue in a database.
Public class QueueJob Creates a timer job that pulls items from the queue and sends them to a worker application for conversion.
Public class SyncTranslator Provides immediate translation jobs.
Public class TranslationItemInfo Contains the details for a single translation performed by the translation services.
Public class TranslationJob Represents the main translation services object model class that is used to create, package, start, and cancel translation jobs.
Public class TranslationJobInfo Contains the information for a single translation job.
Public class TranslationJobStatus Represents the state of a job by organizing the job into one of several buckets.
Public class TranslationService Represents the service installed in a farm.
Public class TranslationServiceApplication Represents a service application.
Public class TranslationServiceApplicationProxy Represents a service application proxy.
Public class TranslationServiceProxy Represents a proxy for the translation service.
Public class VariationsTranslationTimerJob Drives translation timer jobs in variation target webs.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration ItemTypes Specifies the category of a conversion item.
Public enumeration SaveBehavior Controls what happens to the output file if one already exists.
Public enumeration TranslationJobUserScope Defines the scope of users for which to request jobs.
Public enumeration TranslationResult Provides the results of a translation operation.