Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment namespace

Provides types and members for performing content export/import operations between SharePoint Foundation site collections. These types support deployment scenarios as well as content migration scenarios.


  Class Description
Public class CommonInfo This class is for internal use only.
Public class ImportModelReceiver This class Imports the Model file, model resource file and assemblies in the BDC store. It uses the SharePoint feature receiver infrastructure to do it.
Public class SPDeployment Abstract base class from which the SPExport and SPImport classes inherit.
Public class SPDeploymentErrorEventArgs Encapsulates data for error events that occur during the deployment operation.
Public class SPDeploymentEventArgs Encapsulates event data for the specified deployment operation.
Public class SPDeploymentObject Serves as the base class for the SPExportObject and SPImportObject classes.
Public class SPDeploymentSettings Represents the base class for the collection of settings used for importing and exporting content between Windows SharePoint Services Web sites.
Public class SPExport Supports export of specified content from a source SharePoint Foundation site collection to a CAB file (with .cmp file extension) in XML format.
Public class SPExportObject Provides information about specific objects selected for export, and provides methods to direct how they are exported to the content migration package.
Public class SPExportObjectCollection Provides methods and properties to maintain a collection of export objects (SPExportObject instances) for exporting to the content migration package. The collection specifies the scope of the export operation.
Public class SPExportSettings Contains the settings that are used for exporting content to a content migration package.
Public class SPImport Supports importing specified content into a SharePoint Foundation site collection using a migration package (.cmp) file in XML format.
Public class SPImportContext Detects if the event or feature activation of the code that calls this class is a part of the import context.
Public class SPImportObject Encapsulates information about deployment objects that are selected for import.
Public class SPImportObjectCollection Maintains a listing of SPImportObject instances in the collection.
Public class SPImportSettings Contains the settings that are used for importing content from a content migration package.
Public class SPObjectImportedEventArgs Encapsulates event data for the import operation.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration BlobType
Public enumeration MetaInfoAccess Provides the level of access that is allowed to the metadictionary that stores metainfo for specified files and folders.
Public enumeration MetaInfoValueType Allows you to specify the data type for values in the metadata dictionary.
Public enumeration SPDeploymentErrorType Enumerates the constant values that represent the error type for the SPDeploymentErrorEventArgs() property.
Public enumeration SPDeploymentObjectType Enumerates the valid data types for SharePoint deployment objects.
Public enumeration SPDeploymentStatus Enumerates the constant values representing the status for the Status property.
Public enumeration SPExportMethodType Specifies whether an export operation is full or incremental.
Public enumeration SPImportUserInfoDateTimeOption Specifies the level of user information that is retained when content is imported.
Public enumeration SPIncludeDescendants Specifies the scope of descendants that are exported to the content migration package (.cmp) file, or that no descendants are exported.
Public enumeration SPIncludeSecurity Contains values that describe the level of user and group security data to include during an export or import operation.
Public enumeration SPIncludeUserCustomAction Enumeration that allows you to specify whether to include custom user actions with import settings.
Public enumeration SPIncludeVersions Contains values that describe the versions to include in your export package.
Public enumeration SPUpdateVersions Specifies how the import operation handles existing files when importing an updated version.

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