WebPartZone properties

The WebPartZone type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public property AccessKey (Inherited from WebControl.)
Protected property Adapter (Inherited from Control.)
Public property AllowCustomization Gets or sets whether the Web Parts within the zone can be modified in the user interface for all users.
Public property AllowLayoutChange Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the layout of WebPart controls within the zone can be changed. (Overrides WebPartZoneBase.AllowLayoutChange.)
Public property AllowPersonalization Gets or sets a value indicating whether Web Parts within the zone can be modified in the user interface for individual users.
Public property AppRelativeTemplateSourceDirectory (Inherited from Control.)
Public property Attributes (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public property BackColor (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public property BackImageUrl (Inherited from WebZone.)
Public property BindingContainer (Inherited from Control.)
Public property BorderColor (Inherited from WebPartZoneBase.)
Public property BorderStyle (Inherited from WebPartZoneBase.)
Public property BorderWidth (Inherited from WebPartZoneBase.)
Protected property ChildControlsCreated (Inherited from Control.)
Public property ClientID (Inherited from Control.)
Public property ClientIDMode (Inherited from Control.)
Protected property ClientIDSeparator (Inherited from Control.)
Public property CloseVerb (Inherited from WebPartZoneBase.)
Public property ConnectVerb (Inherited from WebPartZoneBase.)
Public property ContainerWidth Gets or sets the hint for contained Web Parts of the expected width of the zone.
Protected property Context (Inherited from Control.)
Public property Controls (Inherited from CompositeControl.)
Public property ControlStyle (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public property ControlStyleCreated (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public property CssClass (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public property DataItemContainer (Inherited from Control.)
Public property DataKeysContainer (Inherited from Control.)
Public property DeleteVerb (Inherited from WebPartZoneBase.)
Protected property DesignMode (Inherited from Control.)
Public property DisplayTitle Gets the current value of the text being used as the title for the WebPartZone when the zone itself is visible. (Overrides WebPartZoneBase.DisplayTitle.)
Protected property DragDropEnabled (Inherited from WebPartZoneBase.)
Public property DragHighlightColor (Inherited from WebPartZoneBase.)
Public property EditVerb (Inherited from WebPartZoneBase.)
Public property EmptyZoneText (Inherited from WebPartZoneBase.)
Public property EmptyZoneTextStyle (Inherited from WebZone.)
Public property Enabled (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public property EnableTheming (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public property EnableViewState (Inherited from Control.)
Public property ErrorStyle (Inherited from WebZone.)
Protected property Events (Inherited from Control.)
Public property ExportVerb (Inherited from WebPartZoneBase.)
Public property Font (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public property FooterStyle (Inherited from WebZone.)
Public property ForeColor (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public property FrameType Obsolete. Gets or sets the default style of the frame for Web Parts contained within the WebPartZone control.
Public property HasAttributes (Inherited from WebControl.)
Protected property HasChildViewState (Inherited from Control.)
Protected property HasFooter (Inherited from WebPartZoneBase.)
Protected property HasHeader (Inherited from WebPartZoneBase.)
Public property HeaderStyle (Inherited from WebZone.)
Public property HeaderText Gets or sets the text for the header area of the zone. (Overrides WebZone.HeaderText.)
Public property Height (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public property HelpVerb (Inherited from WebPartZoneBase.)
Public property ID Gets or sets the identifier assigned to the WebPartZone control. (Overrides Control.ID.)
Protected property IdSeparator (Inherited from Control.)
Protected property IsChildControlStateCleared (Inherited from Control.)
Protected property IsEnabled (Inherited from WebControl.)
Protected property IsTrackingViewState (Inherited from Control.)
Protected property IsViewStateEnabled (Inherited from Control.)
Public property LayoutOrientation (Inherited from WebPartZoneBase.)
Protected property LoadViewStateByID (Inherited from Control.)
Public property LockLayout Obsolete. Gets or sets whether Web Parts within the zone can be added, deleted, resized, or moved.
Public property MenuCheckImageStyle (Inherited from WebPartZoneBase.)
Public property MenuCheckImageUrl (Inherited from WebPartZoneBase.)
Public property MenuLabelHoverStyle (Inherited from WebPartZoneBase.)
Public property MenuLabelStyle (Inherited from WebPartZoneBase.)
Public property MenuLabelText (Inherited from WebPartZoneBase.)
Public property MenuPopupImageUrl (Inherited from WebPartZoneBase.)
Public property MenuPopupStyle (Inherited from WebPartZoneBase.)
Public property MenuVerbHoverStyle (Inherited from WebPartZoneBase.)
Public property MenuVerbStyle (Inherited from WebPartZoneBase.)
Public property MinimizeVerb (Inherited from WebPartZoneBase.)
Public property NamingContainer (Inherited from Control.)
Public property Orientation Obsolete. Gets or sets which direction Web Parts will be placed in the zone.
Public property Padding (Inherited from WebZone.)
Public property Page (Inherited from Control.)
Public property Parent (Inherited from Control.)
Public property PartChromePadding (Inherited from WebZone.)
Public property PartChromeStyle (Inherited from WebZone.)
Public property PartChromeType (Inherited from WebZone.)
Public property PartStyle (Inherited from WebZone.)
Public property PartTitleStyle (Inherited from WebZone.)
Public property QuickAdd Obsolete. This class or member is deprecated. When you upgrade or write new applications that use this class or member, use the new class or member instead.
Protected property RenderClientScript (Inherited from WebZone.)
Public property RenderingCompatibility (Inherited from Control.)
Public property RestoreVerb (Inherited from WebPartZoneBase.)
Public property SelectedPartChromeStyle (Inherited from WebPartZoneBase.)
Public property ShowTitleIcons (Inherited from WebPartZoneBase.)
Public property Site (Inherited from Control.)
Public property SkinID (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public property Style (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public property SupportsDisabledAttribute (Inherited from CompositeControl.)
Public property TabIndex (Inherited from WebControl.)
Protected property TagKey (Inherited from WebZone.)
Protected property TagName (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public property TemplateControl (Inherited from Control.)
Public property TemplateSourceDirectory (Inherited from Control.)
Public property Title Obsolete. Gets or sets the friendly name used in the Web Parts page designer and FrontPage to denote a zone to the user. This property can also specify a localization string.
Public property TitleBarVerbButtonType (Inherited from WebPartZoneBase.)
Public property TitleBarVerbStyle (Inherited from WebPartZoneBase.)
Public property ToolTip (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public property UniqueID (Inherited from Control.)
Public property VerbButtonType (Inherited from WebPartZoneBase.)
Public property VerbStyle (Inherited from WebZone.)
Protected property ViewState (Inherited from Control.)
Protected property ViewStateIgnoresCase (Inherited from Control.)
Public property ViewStateMode (Inherited from Control.)
Public property Visible (Inherited from Control.)
Public property WebPartChrome (Inherited from WebPartZoneBase.)
Protected property WebPartManager (Inherited from WebZone.)
Public property WebParts (Inherited from WebPartZoneBase.)
Public property WebPartVerbRenderMode (Inherited from WebPartZoneBase.)
Public property Width (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public property ZoneTemplate (Inherited from WebPartZone.)


Explicit interface implementations

  Name Description
Explicit interface implemetationPrivate property IControlBuilderAccessor.ControlBuilder (Inherited from Control.)
Explicit interface implemetationPrivate property IDataBindingsAccessor.DataBindings (Inherited from Control.)
Explicit interface implemetationPrivate property IExpressionsAccessor.Expressions (Inherited from Control.)
Explicit interface implemetationPrivate property IDataBindingsAccessor.HasDataBindings (Inherited from Control.)
Explicit interface implemetationPrivate property IExpressionsAccessor.HasExpressions (Inherited from Control.)
Explicit interface implemetationPrivate property IControlDesignerAccessor.UserData (Inherited from Control.)


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