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Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing.Navigation namespace

Provides types and members for structured navigation and managed navigation.


  Class Description
Public class CachedObjectSiteMapNode Represents the base class for any node types, based on cached representations of Microsoft SharePoint Foundation objects.
Public class NavigationComparer Implements the generic IComparer interface that can sort PortalSiteMapNode objects for a given locale by title or date, and by ascending or descending order.
Public class NavigationTerm Specifies navigation behavior and properties for a Term object that is used to drive the navigation and friendly URLs for a website.
Public class NavigationTermSet Specifies navigation behavior and properties for a TermSet object that is used to drive the navigation and friendly URLs for a website.
Public class NavigationTermSetItem Provides an abstract base class for the NavigationTermSet and the NavigationTermobjects.
Public class NavigationTermSetView Represents contextual information that affects the calculation of certain properties for the NavigationTerm objects in a NavigationTermSet object.
Public class PortalHierarchicalDataSourceView Represents the HierarchicalDataSourceView used by the PortalSiteMapDataSource class.
Public class PortalHierarchicalEnumerable Represents the IHierarchicalEnumerable implementation used by the PortalSiteMapDataSource class.
Public class PortalHierarchyData Represents the IHierachyData implementation used by PortalSiteMapDataSource class.
Public class PortalListItemSiteMapNode The PortalSiteMapNode class for list items.
Public class PortalListSiteMapNode Lists derived from the PortalSiteMapNode class.
Public class PortalNavigation Represents navigation for portal pages and other portal navigation objects.
Public class PortalSiteMapDataSource Provides a data source control that navigation controls can bind to, and includes support for additional features that are specific to the PortalSiteMapProvider class.
Public class PortalSiteMapDataSourceSwitch Switches which PortalSiteMapDataSource object that is used by the current PortalNavigation object.
Public class PortalSiteMapNode Specifies the base class for the nodes returned by the PortalSiteMapProvider object.
Public class PortalSiteMapProvider Provides PortalSiteMapNode objects that represent a merging of the Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010SPNavigation store and dynamic site structure, including sites and pages.
Public class PortalWebSiteMapNode Represents Web sites that are included in the navigation.
Public class ProxySiteMapNode Represents the class derived from the PortalSiteMapNode class, used to wrap nodes of type CachedObjectSiteMapNode.
Public class SiteNavigationSettings Provides cached read access to the portal navigation settings for a specified site collection.
Public class SiteNavigationSettingsWriter Provides read/write access to the navigation settings for a specified site collection.
Public class SPNavigationSiteMapNode Represents nodes that are backed by an SPNavigationNode class.
Public class StandardNavigationProviderNames Defines constants that are the names of standard site map provider instances in the default web.config file for SharePoint Server.
Public class StandardNavigationSettings manages the global navigation and the current navigation (the standard navigation schemes).
Public class SwitchableProperty Defines a property of a SiteMapDataSource object whose value depends on the SiteMapProvider that is currently selected by the SwitchableSiteMapProvider object.
Public class SwitchableSiteMapProvider Provides a way for a site's navigation settings to determine the SiteMapProvider instance that should be used when rendering a page.
Public class TaxonomyNavigation Provides common operations related to the managed navigation feature, friendly URLs, and the taxonomy navigation cache.
Public class TaxonomyNavigationCacheConfig Manages configuration parameters for a taxonomy navigation cache.
Public class TaxonomyNavigationCacheStatistics Reports basic statistics for monitoring the behavior of the taxonomy navigation cache.
Public class TaxonomyNavigationContext Reports information about processing the TaxonomyNavigation feature during the current HTTP request.
Public class TaxonomySiteMapNode Represents a navigation node that is obtained by a TaxonomySiteMapProvider object.
Public class TaxonomySiteMapProvider Provides a navigation site map that is represented by using a NavigationTermSet object that is based on a taxonomy TermSet object.
Public class WebNavigationSettings Manages the navigation settings for a publishing site.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration NavigationLinkType An enumeration that is used by a NavigationTerm object to indicate the type of navigation node.
Protected enumeration NavigationTermSetItem.CustomizablePropertyId
Public enumeration PortalNavigationType Options that specify where the provider should get its SPNavigationNode links from and which include or hide settings to respect.
Public enumeration PortalSiteMapProvider.IncludeOption Types that specify the site map provider's inclusion behavior for Web sites and Web pages.
Public enumeration StandardNavigationSource Identifies the three enumeration choices displayed on the AreaNavigationSettings.aspx control pane.