SharePoint Publishing JavaScript Reference (sp.publishing.js)

Applies to: apps for SharePoint | SharePoint Foundation 2013 | SharePoint Server 2013

The SharePoint reference for Publishing provides the fundamental infrastructure for Publishing sites.

In this section

The Publishing library contains the Publishing namespace and the Navigation namespace.

Table 1. Publishing namespace



AddInPlugin object

Represents the settings of a social plugin.

AddInSettings object

Represents the settings of a site services add-in.

CustomizableString object

Represents a string-typed property with a default value that is used if a custom value has not been explicitly assigned.

DesignPackage object

Imports and exports a design package to and from a site collection.

DesignPackageInfo object

Represents metadata that are related to a design package.

ImageRendition object

Handles the metadata of an image rendition.

PageLayoutCreationInformation object

Represents the information needed for a page layout to be created.

PublishingPage object

Provides publishing-related behavior for an .aspx page that is stored in an SP.Publishing.PublishingWeb object (sp.publishing) object.

PublishingPageInformation object

Used as an input parameter for methods that create SP.Publishing.PublishingPage object (sp.publishing) objects.

PublishingSite object

Provides publishing behavior for a Site object that supports publishing.

PublishingWeb object

Provides publishing behavior for an SP.Web object (sp.js) instance that supports publishing.

ScheduledItem object

Provides a wrapper that includes scheduling-specific behavior for items in the SP.ListItem object (sp.js) class.

SiteImageRendition object

Exposes the operations to read and write image renditions from a site collection.

SiteServicesAddIns object

Provides methods that manage site services add-ins and social plug-ins.

VariationLabel object

Represents VariationLabel objects that are managed from the "/_layouts/VariationLabels.aspx" page.

Variations object

Exposes essential information about the Variations system in a Site Collection that is activated with the Publishing feature.

Table 2. Navigation namespace



NavigationLinkType enumeration

Indicates the type of navigation node.

NavigationTerm object

Specifies navigation behavior and properties for a SP.Taxonomy.Term constructor (sp.taxonomy) object that is used to drive the navigation and friendly URLs for a website.

NavigationTermCollection object

Represents a collection of SP.Publishing.Navigation.NavigationTerm object (sp.publishing) objects.

NavigationTermProviderNameCollection object

Represents a collection of text strings stored by the SP.Publishing.Navigation.NavigationTerm.excludedProviders property (sp.publishing) property.

NavigationTermSet object

Specifies navigation behavior and properties for an SP.Taxonomy.TermSet constructor (sp.taxonomy) object that is used to drive the navigation and friendly URLs for a website.

NavigationTermSetItem object

Provides an abstract base class for the SP.Publishing.Navigation.NavigationTermSet object (sp.publishing) and the SP.Publishing.Navigation.NavigationTerm object (sp.publishing) objects.

NavigationTermSetView object

Represents contextual information that affects the calculation of certain properties for the SP.Publishing.Navigation.NavigationTerm object (sp.publishing) objects in a SP.Publishing.Navigation.NavigationTermSet object (sp.publishing) object.

StandardNavigationSettings object

Manages the global navigation and the current navigation (the standard navigation schemes).

StandardNavigationSource enumeration

Identifies the three enumeration choices displayed on the AreaNavigationSettings.aspx control pane.

TaxonomyNavigation object

Provides common operations related to the managed navigation feature, friendly URLs, and the taxonomy navigation cache.

WebNavigationSettings object

Manages the navigation settings for a publishing site.

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