Remote data access (RDA) in Microsoft SQL Server Compact 3.5 lets an application access data from a remote SQL Server database table. It can also store, read, and update that data in SQL Server Compact 3.5, and then update the original SQL Server table.

The topics in this section provide information about using remote data access (RDA) in SQL Server Compact 3.5.



Typical Uses of Remote Data Access

Describes the uses of RDA.

Remote Data Access Architecture

Provides an overview of SQL Server Compact 3.5 RDA components and how they are used.

How Remote Data Access Works

Describes the process of RDA and the various steps that occur.

Planning for Remote Data Access

Provides background information about SQL Server Compact 3.5 RDA including data access, limitations, and conflict detection.

Implementing Remote Data Access

Describes how you can configure SQL Server to support RDA.

Because of design limitations, remote data access (RDA) will be removed in a future release. If you are currently using RDA, you should consider transitioning to Microsoft Synchronization Services for ADO.NET. If you were planning to use RDA in a new application, you should instead consider merge replication or Sync Services. Note that Sync Services is currently available only for the Windows Desktop Operating System.