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How to: Run a Package Using the DTExecUI Utility

This procedure describes how to run a package using the Execute Package Utility (dtexecui.exe). You can run packages that are stored in the file system, in an instance of SQL Server 2005, or in the Integration Services package store.


The Execute Package Utility (dtexecui.exe) is available only in a 32-bit version.

Packages execute in the same process as the dtexecui.exe utility. Because this utility is a 32-bit tool, packages run by using dtexecui.exe in a 64-bit environment run in Windows on Win32 (WOW). When developing and testing commands by using the dtexecui.exe utility on a 64-bit computer, you should test the commands in 64-bit mode by using the 64-bit version of dtexec.exe before deploying or scheduling the commands on a production server.

The command line generated by dtexecui can be copied to a file and used with the CommandFile option in dtexec, or pasted directly to the Command Prompt window when running a package using dtexec.

To run a package using dtexecui

  1. Open Management Studio.

  2. On the View menu, click Object Explorer.

  3. In Object Explorer, click Connect, and then click Integration Services.


    If you cannot connect, verify that the Integration Services service is started. The status of the service can be set to either Automatic or Manual. For more information, see How to: Set Properties of Integration Services Service Using the Services Snap-in.

  4. Expand the Stored Packages folder and its subfolders to locate the package to run, right-click the package, and then click Run Package.

  5. In the Execute Package Utility dialog box, optionally, specify a different package to run.

  6. Optionally, click Configurations, Command Files, Connection Managers, Execution Options, Reporting, Logging, Set Values, or Verification to update run-time options.

  7. To review the command line that the utility uses, click Command Line.

  8. Click Execute.

  9. To stop the running package, click Stop in the Package Execution Progress dialog box.

  10. When the package finishes, click Close to exit the Package Execution Progress dialog box.

  11. Click Close.

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