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Upgrading SQL Server Components

This section provides information about upgrading and migrating components from previous versions of Microsoft SQL Server to SQL Server 2005 and between editions of SQL Server 2005. Upgrading is typically performed by SQL Server Setup. Migrating is typically done after installing or upgrading SQL Server 2005.

In This Section

Topic Description

Upgrading the Database Engine

Provides information about upgrading the Database Engine from SQL Server 7.0 or SQL Server 2000.

Upgrading or Migrating Analysis Services

Contains information about the upgrade options for Analysis Services and how to upgrade or migrate Analysis Services databases.

Upgrading or Migrating Data Transformation Services

Contains information about upgrading to SQL Server 2005 Integration Services (SSIS) and how to migrate packages to SQL Server 2005.

Migrating Notification Services Instances

Contains information about migrating instances of Notification Services from Notification Services 2.0 or upgrading to a higher edition of SQL Server 2005.

Upgrading Reporting Services

Describes the requirements and steps for upgrading Reporting Services, and provides information about which components are removed.

Upgrading Replicated Databases

Provides information about upgrading replicated databases.

Upgrading SQL Server Components How-to Topics

Contains step-by-step instructions for upgrading SQL Server components.

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