How to: Configure Distribution (SQL Server Management Studio)

Configure distribution using the New Publication Wizard or the Configure Distribution Wizard. After the Distributor is configured, view and modify properties in the Distributor Properties - <Distributor> dialog box. Use the Configure Distribution Wizard if you want to configure a Distributor so that members of the db_owner fixed database roles can create publications, or because you want to configure a remote Distributor that is not a Publisher.

This topic covers the Configure Distribution Wizard. For information about the New Publication Wizard, see How to: Create a Publication and Define Articles (SQL Server Management Studio).

To configure distribution

  1. In Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, connect to the server that will be the Distributor (in many cases, the Publisher and Distributor are the same server), and then expand the server node.

  2. Right-click the Replication folder, and then click Configure Distribution.

  3. Follow the Configure Distribution Wizard to:

    • Select a Distributor. To use a local Distributor, select '<ServerName>' will act as its own Distributor; SQL Server will create a distribution database and log. To use a remote Distributor, select Use the following server as the Distributor, and then select a server. The server must already be configured as a Distributor, and the Publisher must be enabled to use the Distributor. For more information, see How to: Enable a Remote Publisher at a Distributor (SQL Server Management Studio).
      If you select a remote Distributor, you must enter a password on the Administrative Password page for connections made from the Publisher to the Distributor. This password must match the password specified when the Publisher was enabled at the remote Distributor.
    • Specify a root snapshot folder (for a local Distributor). The snapshot folder is simply a directory that you have designated as a share; agents that read from and write to this folder must have sufficient permissions to access it. Each Publisher that uses this Distributor creates a folder under the root folder, and each publication creates folders under the Publisher folder in which to store snapshot files. For more information on securing the folder appropriately, see Securing the Snapshot Folder.
    • Specify the distribution database (for a local Distributor). The distribution database stores metadata and history data for all types of replication and transactions for transactional replication.
    • Optionally enable other Publishers to use the Distributor. If other Publishers are enabled to use the Distributor, you must enter a password on the Distributor Password page for connections made from these Publishers to the Distributor.
    • Optionally script configuration settings. For more information, see Scripting Replication.

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