How to: Create a Model Using Management Studio

You can generate models from an Analysis Services cube, a SQL Server database, or an Oracle database by using Management Studio. Report models are generated from shared data sources that are published on the report server. If you do not already have a shared data source, you must create one.

The report model that you generate is based entirely on the schema of the shared data source. You cannot choose which parts of the data source are included in the model, nor can you edit the rules or metadata of a generated model. However, you can set properties on the model after it is generated and define role assignments that restrict access to all or part of the model. For more information about working with shared data sources, see How to: Create, Delete, or Modify a Shared Data Source (Management Studio).


An Oracle-based model generated using Report Manager or SQL Server Management Studio will include database objects that are a part of the schema for the user account used to connect to the Oracle data source. The user account name is specified in the data source properties credentials.

To create a report model using Management Studio

  1. Open Management Studio and connect to a report server. For more information, see How to: Register and Connect to a Report Server (Management Studio).

  2. In Object Explorer, expand Home and then navigate to the shared data source that provides data to the report model.

  3. Select a data source that retrieves SQL Server, Oracle, or Analysis Services data. Other data source types are not supported. To determine the data source type, view the connection information in the Data Source properties pages.

  4. Right-click the shared data source and select Generate Model.


    If a connection error occurs during model generation, it might be because client protocols are not enabled. To enable TCP/IP, you can use SQL Server Configuration Manager.

  5. In the Generate Model page, in the Name box, enter a name for the report model.

  6. In the Description box, enter a brief description of the model.

  7. To specify a new location to save the report model to, click the browse button by the Generate the model in this folder option.

  8. Click OK.

    The report model is created and saved to the location that you specified. The following icon indicates a report model:

    Model icon

    You can assign permissions to this model by using the SQL Server Management Studio. For more information, see Securing Models.

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