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Replication in SQL Server Express

Replication is the process of sharing data between databases in different locations. Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition (SQL Server Express) uses a publishing industry model to represent the processes in replication architecture. These include Publisher, Distributor, Subscribers, publications, articles, and subscriptions.

Replication for SQL Server Express originates with a publication created in SQL Server 2005. The computer that is running SQL Server 2005 is the Publisher. The computer that is running SQL Server Express can be a Subscriber and receive data from that SQL Server database. SQL Server Express functions only as a Subscriber.

In This Section

Title Description

Basics of Replication

Describes the different replication components and replication types.

Feature Comparison Between MSDE and SQL Server Express

Compares the replication features available with SQL Server Express and MSDE. Lists the SQL Server Express client and server replication scenarios.

Replication Considerations (SQL Server Express)

Describes the replication considerations for SQL Server Express.