Heterogeneous Replication Enhancements

Replication has made enhancements to heterogeneous replication in the following areas:

  • New option for publishing from Oracle databases to SQL Server 2005.
  • Enhanced support for publishing from SQL Server 2005 to non-SQL Server Subscribers.

Heterogeneous Replication Enhancements

New Option for Publishing from Oracle Databases to SQL Server 2005

In SQL Server 2000, publishing data to other databases such as DB2 or Oracle was supported; however, publishing data from other databases was not supported without custom programming. In SQL Server 2005, Oracle databases can be directly replicated to SQL Server in much the same way as standard SQL Server replication. Snapshot and transactional replication are supported. For more information, see Oracle Publishing Overview.

Enhanced Support for Publishing from SQL Server 2005 to Non-SQL Server Subscribers

SQL Server 2005 supports publishing data to Oracle and IBM DB2, using snapshot and transactional replication. For more information, see Non-SQL Server Subscribers.

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