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Managing SQL Server Workloads with Resource Governor

SQL Server 2008 provides Resource Governor, a feature than you can use to manage SQL Server workload and system resource consumption. Resource Governor enables you to specify limits on the amount of CPU and memory that incoming application requests can use.

Resource Governor is configurable in SQL Server Management Studio by using Transact-SQL statements or by using Object Explorer.

Resource Governor is available only on the Enterprise, Developer, and Evaluation editions of SQL Server.

The following table describes the topics in this section.

In This Section



Introducing Resource Governor

Describes Resource Governor and how it can help database administrators manage server workload and resources.

Resource Governor Concepts

Describes the basic concepts of Resource Governor and its components.

Resource Governor Security

Describes Resource Governor security and considerations for ensuring the secure use of Resource Governor.

Resource Governor States

Describes Resource Governor states and changes in state that affect the Resource Governor configuration and request processing.

Resource Governor Monitoring

Describes how Resource Governor monitors its components.

Resource Governor Workload Management Scenarios

Provides common scenarios that a database administrator might encounter and describes how to configure Resource Governor in response to the scenarios.

Resource Governor DDL and System Views

Provides an overview of the DDL and views that you can use to configure, run, and obtain information about a Resource Governor session.

Resource Governor How-to Topics

Provides how-to topics about how to use Resource Governor, either by using Transact-SQL or SQL Server Management Studio.


Resource Governor Views

The following sections contain new topics for Resource Governor catalog views and dynamic management views:

SQL Server Event Class Reference Topics

The following SQL Server event class reference topics have added to support Resource Governor: