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Deploying Models (Master Data Services)

You can create a package of a model from your source system and deploy it to another Master Data Services environment. You can use the package to create a new model or to update an existing model.

When you create a deployment package, you can decide whether or not to include data. If you decide to include data, you must select a version of the data to include. The data is processed by using the Master Data Services staging process.

When you copy a model, all model objects are included. These objects are:

  • Entities

  • Attributes

  • Attribute groups

  • Hierarchies

  • Collections

  • Business rules

  • Version flags

User-defined metadata, file attributes, and user and group permissions are not included. After you deploy a model, you must update these manually.

The model package is an XML file that is saved with the .pkg extension. For more information about the format of the file, see Model Deployment Package XML Schema (Master Data Services).

Sample Packages

Sample package files are included when you install Master Data Services. These package files are in the Master Data Services\Samples\Packages directory where you installed Master Data Services. When you deploy these sample packages, sample models are created and populated with data. For more information about deploying packages, see How to: Deploy a Model Deployment Package (Master Data Services).